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AFFECT MODULE IV: COM(m)O(n) Club Radio: Time Travel

COM(m)O(n) Club and Radio is a month-long Residency with Brazilian performance artist Thelma Bonavita. For her module, Bonavita invites participants to enter into an experimental workshop and inventive environment having as an outcome an intertwined radio station and exhibition.

The purpose is to experience time conceptions and its different manifestations in order to translate it into a performance system of “ideas in movement” – as if would be possible to materialize the act of thinking. The process will be tangled with a sound material production as a strategy of its documentation while doing.

The tools and methodologies of this workshop will be based on the work developed through Como Clube, an art platform initiated by Bonavita and that had its last presentation during the official program of 31ª São Paulo Biennial, 2014.


ART FORM_ Performance

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