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AFFECT MODULE I: While we work: A temporary state of Affairs

WHILE WE WORK was a month-long residency workshop facilitated by independent curator Judith Lavagna who invited participants to explore the intertwining of art practices and curation within a given practical context: the making of an exhibition together with selected Berlin-based artists and the expansion of this project online.

As a ‘temporary state of affairs’ (Elena Filipovic) structured towards active frameworks, case studies and research methodology, the purpose of this workshop was to conceive an exhibition as a final event which investigated the context of Agora’s new space – a former factory area of 2200sq meters – favouring the production of site-specific works and reenactments of existing artworks. WHILE WE WORK further aimed to investigate on artistic practices in the field of critical curating towards different territories and formats of inquiries.

Furthermore, Judith Lavagna encouraged the participants to develop a work-in-progress that navigated in an online/offline configuration: the materials produced and collected during the workshop were tracked online, taking the shape of a performative documentation and a survey witnessing the production’s process itself – a sort of online safety where the exhibition could be activated and backed up at the same time.

The participants were expected to ‘leak topologies’ (Mark Leckey) and shake up spaces for cultural production that reflect on the potentiality of their work in correlation with each other, challenging themselves in a context that still remained to be activated: a post-industrial neighborhood in transformation with the redevelopment of the Kindl brewery area, the creation of a Center for Contemporary Arts and Agora itself.


ART FORM_ Visual Arts

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