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Activators – Locally Active Architecture

A specialist workshop was held, bringing together initiators of collaborative cultural venues across Budapest and the Central European region. The aim of the workshop was to discuss the following questions: What cooperation helped these venues to be established and what audience do they address? What resources do they rely upon and what architectural tools did they deploy? What difficulties have they been facing and what assures their economic and social sustainability? The first day of the workshop was held in Budapest, led by KÉK, and the second day was held in Eger, led by Arkt, where participants, including policy makers, could analyse the local project on site and investigate its success factors and how it can be used for future collaborative project ideas.

Participants included Gábor Fábián (Arkt, Eger), Dénes Fajcsák (Arkt, Eger), Márton Szuhay (Szabadkikötő, Pécs), András Süli (Nagyerdei víztorony, Debrecen), Botond Dobos (Húsznegyven, Budaörs), Judit Gerzsenyi (Húsznegyven, Budaörs), Gábor Bindics (Staratrznica, Bratislava), Veronika Kovacsova (Packhaus, Vienna), Péter Bach (BME, Budapest), Anna Kudron (Átrium, Budapest), Márton Gosztonyi (Auróra, Budapest), Júlia Bársony (Müszi, Budapest), Fábián Molnár (Müszi, Budapest) Olga (Müszi, Budapest), Péter Pozsár (HelloWood, Technika1, Budapest), Péter Rózsavölgyi (Maros cinema), Judit Fleischer (Ferencváros Community Foundation)


Gallery -

Hungary 16 / 20 Feb 2016

Budapest and Eger

ARTIST_ KÉK, Arkt, guest speakers

PARTNER_ Ludwig Múzeum