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Practice, Participation, Politics

Practice, Participation, Politics gathering was the first of a series of CAPP Staging Posts, held in Live Art Development Agency, London. It offered a forum for reflection on the CAPP residencies which have taken place across the partner countries throughout 2016 and an opportunity to discuss wider issues in relation to artists’ collaborations, public engagement, participation, and social responsibility.

An afternoon of artists’ presentations and additional debates provoked by guest speakers was followed by an evening launch of LADA’s Residency Study Guides and a Long Table discussion, facilitated by Lois Weaver, that aimed to foster conversations and exchange of ideas on social practice, politics and activism. The event also encouraged debate on urgent questions of language, solidarity and what’s at stake in this time of change and uncertainty.

Contributors representing the partners’ CAPP residencies to date included Lois Weaver, Sibylle Peters, Elena Marchevska, Kelly Green, Patrick Fox, Chrissie Tiller, Ailbhe Murphy, Christopher Kline, Viviana Checchia (CCA Glasgow), Orekari, Dafna Maimon, Anna Cutler (Tate Exchange), Selina Thompson, Miklós Tömör, and Juli Reinartz.

The gathering took place within the broader context of LADA’s CAPP residency programme, investigating issues of Live Art and Privilege and generating case studies and methodologies for working with the young, the old, the displaced and those excluded for reasons of class.

Also that evening PRAXIS Vol 1: Of People, Place & Time, a new publication from Heart of Glass (St. Helens) was launched. “Volume 1 of ‘Praxis’ is an invitation to a conversation. A conversation about community, engagement, collaboration and co-creation. A conversation about art and place and who gets to make art and where it gets made.

Taking two years of projects and initiatives by Heart of Glass; as its starting point, it explores the interface between theory and practice. And tries to uncover the possibilities contained in, what Grant Kester calls, ‘the spaces between’.

With contributions by:
Patrick Fox, Chrissie Tiller, Grant Kester, Ailbhe Murphy, Vaari Claffey, Mary Paterson, Michelle Wren, Jude Woods, Prof. Lynn Froggett and Dr. Alastair Roy

To buy a copy, visit Unbound.

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