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Maria José Arjona: You Are Splendid! Exhibition

The exhibition „You Are Splendid“ is the outcome of a research project lasting more than two years which the Columbian artist Maria José Arjona has dedicated to the world of birds. During her stay she created a show and developed six different performances in the space. Arjona used her stay in Osnabrück to continue her research on migratory birds while working on the premises of the Kunsthalle. The migratory birds of her home country share a common migratory route along the north-south axis of the two Americas with thousands of Latin American migrants. – For someone like Arjona who grew up with the magic realism of Latin American literature, the poetic parallels between birds and migrants are obvious: Maria José Arjona transposes her personal stories and those of all the people who roam through foreign countries, climate zones and cultures, into images and drawings, objects, sounds and melodies, videos, performances and installations.

The genesis of the project could be followed on Kunsthalle Osnabrück’s Facebook page  Maria José Arjona is the first Facebook guest poster  of Kunsthalle Osnabrück.

“You Are Splendid!” was supported by grants from ifa Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations and by the Ministery of Science and Culture of Lower Saxony.

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