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KAPUTT: The Academy of Destruction

26 – 29 October 2017
11am – 6pm

You are invited to take a trip through the Academy, add your destructive desires and view the destructive proceedings.

“We are not supposed to speak too loud, to write on walls, to eat too much sugar, to tear our schoolbooks apart, to smash the china, to cut ourselves, to step out of line. We are not supposed to destroy anything. We are supposed to be productive and creative and safe. Children, adults, all of us. Strangely, while we try hard to be good, we see all kinds of things around us being destroyed. So, who decides what is destruction and what is not? Who has permission to destroy?” Sibylle Peters, Theatre of Research

KAPUTT: The Academy of Destruction will explore these questions through a transgenerational team of six children and six adult artists as equal members. In October 2017 they will experiment, think and act together and share their practices, experiences and concepts of destruction in public sessions at Tate Exchange.

Visitors will be invited to take a trip through the Academy’s facilities: from its Reception to its Library, and on to its Assembly Hall where they will watch the members of the Academy in action. After attending these public sessions of the Academy, visitors will be encouraged to create their own research assignment in the Academy’s Common Room.

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