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Partner Meetings

First Partner Meeting 2017

The first CAPP Partner Meeting of 2017 took place in London, hosted by the Live Art Development Agency. As well as providing a space to assess key current aspects of the programme, the Partner meeting would be preceded by a sharing information session for CAPP Residency Artists and a public event, namely Staging Post.

This two day Partner Meeting included planning for the suite of publications which would emerge from the four year CAPP initiative and which would be vital resources for collaborative arts across Europe. The recent launch of the CAPP website was reviewed and discussions took place on the Commissions strand of the programme, with further planning for the webinars and Staging Posts coming up in the next few months. There was also discussion on how the network would engage the broader policy arena to create change in the provision for collaborative arts within the EU cultural infrastructure.

The focal point of the Programme in 2017 will be artist commissions which focus on ambitious artist/community collaborations and audience development.

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