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CAPP ON AIR – Fourth Webinar

Roundtable: Education and the Role of Art

Common Affairs was the major exhibition in Ludwig Múzeum between 30 January and 18 March 2018. It presented seven collaborative projects commissioned by Ludwig Múzeum. They held a Roundtable (Asztali Beszélgetések) ‘Education and the Role of Art’ during the exhibition period. Members of this discussion included Ádám Galambos, Evangelical Theologist; Gábor Kulcsár, Head of Waldorf Pedagogical Institute; Krisztina Szipőcs, Common Affairs Exhibition Curator, Ludwig Museum; and Éva Gyarmathy, psychologist, founder of Hungarian Dyslexic Center.

In the first half of the discussion, they were looking for answers to what community means today and based on the Common Affairs exhibition presented at Ludwig Múzeum as part of CAPP project. They also discussed some questions about alternative education and the related social topic.

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