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The Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme (CAPP) is an ambitious transnational cultural programme focusing on the dynamic area of collaborative arts. The overall goal of CAPP is to improve and open up opportunities for artists who are working collaboratively across Europe, by enhancing mobility and exchange whilst at the same time engaging new publics and audiences for collaborative practices.

The third Staging Post will focus on challenges and adventures related to the question of communication and language in collaborative practice. In the field of collaborative arts practices, where the relational is key, establishing understandings through a common verbal language is not a given. Communication requires ongoing attention and due diligence as well as empathy, patience, personal endurance and courage. In Trans-European projects such as CAPP, but also as a result of global mass-migratory movements, and increasingly in everyday situations, communication and language are critical questions.

This Staging Post will take place on the premises of Kunsthalle Osnabrück, which at that time will have two different exhibitions on view: A double installation by Swiss artist Felice Varini and the outcome of CAPP artist Roxy in the Box’s intervention “in and out” in the Rosenplatz District and at Kunsthalle Osnabrück.

Featuring artists:
Daniel Oliver (CAPP artist, London)
Season Butler (writer, artist, academic and activist, London)
Francesca Grilli (CAPP artist, Bologna/Brussels)
Jakob and Manila (CAPP artists, Osnabrück)
Herman Bashiron Mendolicchio (artist, research, academic, Barcelona/Roma)
Caique Tizzi (CAPP partner: Agora Collective, Berlin)
Cibelle Cavalli Bastos (CAPP artist, Berlin)

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