Throughout the duration of the Collaborative Art Partnership Programme the core activities – workshop, residency and commission – would be assessed through a parallel research and evaluation process.

CAPP has appointed artist and researcher Dr Susanne Bosch to accommodate the CAPP research. Throughout the duration of the Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme, the core activities – workshops, residencies and commissions as well as meetings and staging posts – were accompanied through a parallel research process.

Susanne Bosch applied an arts-based, ethnographic approach. This deliberate approach created a close one to one encounter with CAPP partners, artists, constituencies and collaborators. Throughout the four years, she attended all partner meetings and staging posts in various roles, such as a critical friend on one hand, but also facilitating research relevant aspects of the partnership meetings using methods from Art of Hosting or methods developed by peers and herself, as well as partly drafting the programme in agreements with involved partners. She conducted sessions with all the partners to generate collective knowledge productions. There are selected sessions shared at Resources.