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Residency at Tabakalera – Peace treaties

As part of the CAPP program, Tabakalera and hablarenarte are jointly organizing a 2017 residency program focused on mediating with adolescents who frequent the cultural center.

The resident—artist and educator Felipe Polania, who currently lives in Zurich, Switzerland—will carry out the project in close collaboration with San Sebastián – based artist Oihane Espuñez, who will act as his local partner.

Tabakalera’s 38,000 square-meter space includes many open and unprogrammed areas known as “street spaces.” These sparsely furnished open-plan areas can be freely occupied by users visiting the space. Around December 2015, coinciding with the arrival of cold and rainy weather, these “street spaces” began to be massively occupied by groups of youths, especially on weekends.

This is the working context that must inevitably be analyzed in terms of possibilities. These youths have no direct contact with the center’s cultural programming, and are not generally found in contemporary art institutions. At the same time, adolescence is one of the key ages for forming one’s intellect, and in that sense, it is essential to approach contemporary art practices as tools for fostering the creation of frameworks for alternative thinking and narratives outside the dominant ones.

One possibility is therefore a mediatory residency that seeks to carry out collaborative work with these groups, combining their interests with those of contemporary art.


Gallery -

Spain 2 Jan - 31 Jul 2017

San Sebastian

ARTIST_ Felipe Polania, Oihane Espuñez

PARTNER_ Hablarenarte