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Residency at AcVic – Adoberies

As part of the CAPP program, AcVic and hablarenarte are jointly organizing a 2017 residency program focused on the Las Adoberies neighborhood of Vic.

The resident of this project is the Bristol-based artist Seila Fernández Arconada, who works on an international scale, exploring artistic methodology, its boundaries and new social approaches, mostly in relation with environmental questions.

The intellectual and material basis for this residency program consists of the results obtained in workshops that  Santiago Cirugeda and Francesc Muñoz carried out in 2015 and 2016 as part of CAPP in AcVic.

One outcome of Santiago Cirujeda’s workshop was the founding of  the A+ group, that unites artists, architect and inhabitants of Vic with a shared interest in the las Adoberies neightorhood. This collective presented its work at the Venice Biennale of Architecture, and continues to work on the Las Adoberies neighborhood in Vic.

In order to insure that the residency project has the maximum possible impact on the local setting, we have decided to assign the role of local partner to A+ for this project. Members of that collective will map the neighborhood as the basis for this project, which draws on materials gathered during the earlier workshops on las Adoberies.

During the first phase of the residency, from 5th of June to 5th of July, Seila and A+ will work with local initiatives and interested individuals in order to create a diverse group that articulates through collaborative methodologies. This group would need to find a common ground on how to tackle the vast and complex theme of the Adoberies neighbourhood that far from being only an industrial heritage site, significantly relates to contemporary environmental and political issues of Vic. In a second step of the residency, during September and October 2017, Seila and this working group, which in its best will be formed out of a multiplicity of different agents, will work on how to give form to these questions.

During the second phase of the residency, from 3rd of October to 20th of November, Seila and A+ will work on the commission of the project, with the working title “Affluents”. The purpose is to work around the river Meder, that passes through Vic and to use it as a symbolic space of Vic’s industrial, environmental and social past and present.

More information in the blog of the project:



COMMUNITY_ inhabitants of the Adoberies neighbourhood in Vic

ART FORM_ Collaborative

Gallery -

Spain 1 Feb - 31 Dec 2017


ARTIST_ Seila Fernández Arconada, Collective A+, other local cultural and social agents

PARTNER_ Hablarenarte