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Calle Atocha 91, 1° derecha exterior
28012 Madrid

+34 913 080 049


hablarenarte (Madrid, Spain), the Spanish partner of the CAPP network, is an independent platform for cultural projects. It works in a horizontal structure and with the aim to support, disseminate and work with that part of contemporary culture that is usually overlooked by the mainstream.

hablarenarte emphasizes heavily on the cooperation with others, be it cultural workers, public or private institutions or cultural workers, working with them in developing and producing our proposals.

True to this philosophy, hablarenarte seeks to spread the benefits of the CAPP programme to a wider context and to further encourage the collaboration between Spanish practitioners and institutions with their counterparts in other European regions. For this reason, it has created an internal Spanish network as part of CAPP, that is composed of the national funding organism Acción Cultural (AC/E) and four Spanish contemporary art centers:  ACVic (Vic, Catalonia), Centro Huarte (Huarte, Navarra), Medialab Prado (Madrid) and Tabakalera (San Sebastian, Euskadi).

All the activities of CAPP in Spain are being developed and produced in a joint effort among hablarenarte and these institutions. They are shown with greater detail at http://www.hablarenarte.com/capp (Spanish language only).


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