The long term goals of the Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme include the overall aim of deepening engagement and participation in the arts, by encouraging a growth in support structures for artists working with communities across Europe.

CAPP will seek to enhance the profile of this dynamic form of artistic practice in the process. This innovative partnership initiative will seek to develop new audiences, internationalise practice and extend the reach of positive participation in the arts across Europe. In order to engage artists and audiences in debates on best practice in collaborative arts projects, the CAPP website Resources section will host case studies, recommended reading and key texts in relation to collaborative arts, processes, practices and engagement.

The Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme is committed to sharing the learning and outcomes of the workshops, research and professional development initiatives which are part of the four year initiative. The Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme will engage with policy makers, academics, cross-sector partners and diverse communities in the partner countries with a view to facilitating knowledge exchange and encouraging dynamic arts programming and cultural policy development.

From 2017 on, webinars from partner organisations will be available. Browse this section to learn more about upcoming online seminars, talks and lectures within a variety of topic areas.

The Resources & Reading Room section will include case studies and evaluations of collaborative arts projects, critical theory and guidebooks. You will be able to search this section for pdfs, hyperlinks and publications on collaborative arts and artists; artists involved with the CAPP projects as well as additional resources, videos and audio materials; reports on realted cultural policy and developments within collaborative arts.