About the project

The Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme (CAPP) is an ambitious transnational cultural programme focusing on the dynamic area of collaborative arts.

The overall goal of CAPP is to improve and open up opportunities for artists who are working collaboratively across Europe, by:

  • enhancing mobility and exchange
  • whilst at the same time engaging new publics and audiences for collaborative practices

The different strands of the CAPP programme consist of:

Visit the CAPP Timeline for all the details on the Programme

Throughout the partner communities CAPP will provide:

  • creative spaces with the potential to bring out new conversations
  • meaningful relationships between artists, communities and diverse publics
  • transformative forms of collaborative engagement.

In addition, the Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme will engage with policy makers, academics, cross-sector partners and diverse communities in the partner countries with a view to:

  • facilitating knowledge exchange
  • dynamic arts programming
  • and cultural policy development

This innovative four year programme seeks to develop new audiences by extending participation in the arts across Europe.

The Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme was co-founded and initiated by Patrick Fox and Lynnette Moran. Founding members include: Patrick Fox (previous Director of Create current Director of Heart of Glass), Lindsey Fryer (Head of Learning at TATE Liverpool), Lois Keidan (Director at LADA), Lynnette Moran (previous Associate Producer at Create current Lead Producer of CAPP) and Minna Tarkka (Director at m-cult). Founding partner organisations include: Create (Ireland), Tate Liverpool (UK), Live Art Development Agency (UK) and m-cult (Finland).

In 2013 Create became part of the European Learning Network, instigated by Lynnette Moran at Create, an initiative, supported by Arts Council’s EU Local Partnership Scheme which had been funded under the EU/Ireland Presidency. Working with its partners, Tate Liverpool (UK); Live Art Development Agency (UK) and m-cult (Finland), Create hosted a one day symposium, on methodologies to gain a greater understanding of the professional development needs of artists across artforms who choose to locate themselves within a collaborative or collective practice.
The partners in ELN discussed expanding the reach of the initiative and gathering new partners across Europe to create a much more ambitious network, focused on collaborative arts.

In 2014, Create was successful in its collaborative bid with European partner organisations to the Creative Europe Culture Sub-Programme 2014-2020 (The Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency)

The ambitious joint proposal with arts organisations in the UK, Hungary, Spain, Finland and Germany marked a first for an Irish arts organisation, in that it represented the largest funding amount from European cultural funds for a project led by an Irish cultural organisation. The proposal to establish a Europe wide partnership to enhance professional opportunities and training for collaborative artists received excellent feedback results from the Creative Europe Culture sub programme Evaluation Committee panel.

The Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme is supported by Creative Europe (Culture Sub-Programme) Support for European Co-operation Projects Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency.

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